Monday, December 29, 2008

Birthday Gone!

So Saturday night the 27 was Mallorys birthday and we had quite a fun day. We planned a fun day together that is. We both got up in the morning and went to get massages at Massage Envy and that was great. We both liked who did the massages for us cause they both did a great job. We both got deep tissue massages and found that we had quite a few knots in our backs and neck. So they worked them out in what I thought was kind of painful, lol. But afterwards it felt so much better. Then we came home and did just a little bit of cleaning and then got ready for a fun night out. We went to her parents so that she could open her birthday presents and got a little bit of money and a ring that she loves that has black and white diamonds (if you ever wanna buy her a present, anything black and white will do just perfect). So after that I made reservations at a little Thai place in Oldtown Scottsdale called Malee's Thai Bistro. The food was amazing. Quite spicy obviously being Thai food. After the good meal we went to see a movie her parents reccomended called Slumdog Millionaire. It was a really good movie. We reccomend it to anyone who wants to see a great movie. However to my wife's disappointment, she thought it was based on a true story but came to find out it was just based off a book. Then after that we came home and just layed in bed and fell asleep watching tv. That was our fun day together. Love you all!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Well Christmas Is Over!

Well now that christmas is over I'm not sure whether to be excited or sad. Such a great time of the year cuase you are always with family and everyone is just in such great and happy moods. But at the same time it's nice that it's over cause it's also the most stressful time of the year. It took me forever to find a present to get Mallory but after about 10 different stores I finally found this picture frame with two 8x10 spots so we could put a picture of the Savior in one and the Family Proclamation in the other. She's wanted that up for a while now and also a picture of the temple so I got her a new bigger picture of the temple as well. And the last thing I got her was these cute brown and teal signs with cute sayings on them that she could put up in our guest bedroom since her colors she chose to do in there were brown and teal. As for our Christmas day we spent the morning at her parents place opening present with her family where we both got lots of gifts that we love so much. I got some sweaters and clothes and lots of tools since we always have to borrow her dads. I think he got sick of us borrowing and returning a few weeks later, lol. My last gift was my favorite though, a spray in bed liner for our truck we got after we got married. Mallory got some clothes as well and another black purse that she loves. Some new shoes and a few other things as well. As a gift from her parents to us they got us the Hoover FloorMate cuase no matter how hard we mop our floors with our swiffer it just doesn't seem to do the job. Probably the price for having tile floors. After we were done with the gifts we packed up the car and heading down to my parents where we had a lovely meal and stuffed our faces full. Spend some time with the family down there and opened a few gifts. After the visit with my parents we went to go see Yes Man together, the new Jim Carey movie, and it was so funny. We reccomend everyone go see it. Then we came home and put things away and ended our christmas day. We are so greatful for everyone and the gifts we received and the wonderful christmas day we had. We love you all!

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Puppies New Look!

Well we went and got the puppies their first heair cuts the other day and thought we would put some pictures up of how they look now. It is significantly shorter and Jesse thinks they are as cute as can be and I on the other hand think Maya looks cuter but I loved Bella with her thick coat. The good thing about the hair cuts is it has helped big time in helping Bella get rid of the ring worm. After a week of the hair being cut, her ringworm has gone from gross to practically gone that it's amazing. These are our cute little puppies that Jesse bought me and I couldn't be happier with them. The best news of all, they are FINALLY potty trained. It really help when Jesse and his Dad and Jake layed the grass out back cause they love going out there and going potty. So thank you all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Nativity...Greenwald Style!

So it looks like christmas came a little early... we did our christmas eve tradition a couple days early. Everyone came over for dinner and a show... little did they know they would be a part of it. So this is how it went staring:

Madisen as Joseph
Colby as the Wiseman
Andrew as the Sheperd
Bath as the Virgin Mary
Emalie as the Sheep
and a random baby doll as Baby Jesus.

The show was great and we all sang Christmas songs...Colby kind of sang his own random song, but it still turned out great. We all opend our Christmas Eve PJ's and got our yearly ournament. This was Jesse's first year of experiencing the Greenwald Christmas tradition...I don' think he was too excited about the pajamas... and yes we all match and wear them Christmas morning. Don't worry I am sure we will post some pictures of that. So besides watching everyone dress up, and seeing Jesse experience the Greenwald traditons, my highlight of the night was when my mom asked my Great Aunt Marie if we could use her cane for the shepard.... I about died laughing. Anyways well thats all for now! We love you all!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mesa Temple Lights

So last night we decided to have a fun night out and go walk around the Mesa Temple grounds to see all the lights and go through the visitors center. It was interesting and really pretty. The interesting part because in the visitors center they had a world nativity scene exhibit. It was cool to see all the different kinds of culteres and how they display the nativity scene. I think my favorite was the one that Alaska does cause its pretty cool. Mallory's favorite was the wooden hand carved display from Israel. The lights were very cool too cause we saw some lights that we had never seen before and we want to go buy them, lol. But here are just a few pictures that we took in front of the relection pond of us and we went with Jake and Madi so we took a picture of the four of us.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So alot has changed since we have been married. First off, the puppies are big now( well Bella is 5.12 and Maya is 5.1, but thats big for them) They are turning out to be two expensive investments. Bella some how got ringworm and we have been treating that for like a month and now Maya has it. I guess it takes months to go completely away, uhh what a pain! We (Well Jesse) laid down grass in our side yard which made potty training so much easier! They are doing great now and love going through the doggy door! Although the carpet is still going to need to be replaced, they were worth it.

As for me and Jesse, alot has changed with us too. I got fired from my job the end of October, oops... but it was from me missing to much being sick all the time. Which I am doing alot better, I haven't been sick in a while (Cross your fingers) and a couple weeks after that Jesse got laid off from his job at Henry Brown. They got laid off about half of the employees. So we were a little stressed for a while but I got a job working at this super cute clothing boutique called Junky Trunk off Val Vista and Southern, I work part time so next semester I am going to go to school full time. Jesse is selling alarms with his brother Jake, and doing really well at it. He too is going to go to school next semester. So we will both be working part time and going to school full time at MCC. Hopefully I can finish up soon so we can start having kids! Well thats all thats new with us, I can't wait for the holidays and my birthday (Dec. 27th) I love this time of year! Love you all!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Honeymoon Photos!

Well after many tries of trying to get all of our honeymoon pictures up, we have finally gotten them up here. First I dropped my laptop and broke it and had to get it fixed and then we uploaded all the photos on Mallorys laptop and then it shut off and we lost the slideshow we created and this literally happened about 5 times. So finally after doing it right after church we got blessed and were able to get the photos up. So enjoy the pictures and feel free to leave your comments. We reccomend that anyone who hasn't gone to NYC to save up the money and take a trip, because it was the most wonderful time we have had in our lives.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Ok so now that I don't have a job and I have all the time in the world... I decided that I would put up the Christmas tree... I know Thanksgiving hasn't even passed, but I am obsessed with Christmas. Jesse and I have already loaded are Ipods with Christmas music and thats all we listen to. I am so glad that I married a man who appreciates Christmas as much as I do and lets me decorate for Christmas in the middle of November. I just hope he stays that way after I make him put the lights up... he might not be too happy after that! Anyways well I hope everyone likes my tree... I love decorating so I tried to make it match with my house and still like super cute! Let me know if you like it...

Next project putting up the Christmas lights... we'll see how that goes and if there is any injuries or fighting. Hw!

Monday, October 13, 2008


So Jesse finally broke down and let me get the puppy I have always wanted.... I think its because I kept telling him I wanted a baby after attending our new ward and seeing all the young couples with kids. So we decided to go look at these Morkie puppies... I picked the one I wanted, but we decided that we would get her a friend, so we ended up coming home with two Morkies. One is six weeks old and her name is Bella (My choice) and the other is 7 weeks old and we named her Maya (Jesse's choice) They are the cutest things ever, but they keep going to the bathroom all over the house, since they are not potty trained yet. That is what we are working on with them. They whined all night and kept Jesse awake, he took care of them all night while I just slept through the noise. Oops! So we will keep you posted on how potty training is going and if we are going to be getting any sleep at night, I guess this is kind of like having a baby.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So the wedding pictures are finally up on the website, so go check them out and let me know what you think! and you have to sign in to look at them!

Love you all

Monday, October 6, 2008


So we will hopefully be getting the pictures back from the photographer this week and then we will post them for ya'll to see. We will also update about our honeymoon to New York City! The wedding was fabulous and the honeymoon was amazing! We can't wait to share pictures with everyone! Love you all

Monday, September 15, 2008


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Thursday, September 4, 2008


So I am so stoked that TWILIGHT the movie is going to be released a month earlier on NOVEMBER 21, 2008. I can't wait to see it. I think I have watched the trailer like a thousand times hoping each time that maybe it will last a little longer. I'm a dork I know. I have been slacking, I still have the 4th book to read. Things have been to crazy with work and planning the wedding that I decided I will try to read it once the wedding is done! (Jesse won't be too happy about that, he doesn't like it when I read because I get too into the book and don't pay attention to him) Although he hates when I read and probably despises these books, he has already promised me he would go see the movie with me. I just hope he's ready to be surrounded by teenage girls (and most likely their mom's too) So if you haven't read the books, get on it! They are fabulous!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So last night was our girls night out. Kallie, Brittany, Marci, Michelle, Aimee, and I all went out for sushi at RA and ended up chatting for hours. So when I showed up, Marci and Brittany had me wear a feather boa and a veil with devil horns. I thought it was super cute, even though everyone kept looking at me! We ordered lots of sushi and caught up on girl talk for the next couple hours. (I was so excited to eat sushi since I rarely get to go because Jesse refuses to try it.) Marci and Brittany got me some fun gifts that I will be able to use on our wedding night. Last night was so the most fun I have had in a while. I was so excited that Michelle got to spend it with me. Finally my TX best friend and my AZ best friends together at once.

Bridal Shower

So August 23rd, 2008 was my bridal shower. Kallie and my mom put together the cutest bridal shower. I absolutely loved it, it couldn't have been more perfect. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came, especially my best friend Michelle who flew all the way out here from Texas. Also, thanks to everyone who brought food and helped. We ended up getting alot of great presents for the house that I can't wait to use and I even got some lingerie! We are planning on setting up the rest of the house this weekend. I am so excited!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Girls Night!

So I am a little late to post this, but last Wednesday I had some of my girlfriends (Brittany, Kallie, Marci, and Ashley) come over to help me put all the invitations together. It was a good thing the Olympics were on so while we caught up on girl talk, Jesse was entertained by the TV. The invitations turned out great and we had a blast catching up! So thanks to my girls who came and helped! You guys are the best!

A New Addition to Greenwald Family

Well it looks as if Colby finally gets to be a Big Brother, Beth gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on August 16th around 10 PM. They have decided to name him Brody Austin Greenwald. Beth and the baby are doing fine and are expected to come home from the hospital today, Monday. Colby couldn't be more excited to be a big brother. He was announcing it to everyone last night at family dinner. So, Congratulations Greenwald family on your new addition!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well this is just a little quick posting of three pictures for everyone to see cause I said I'd put them up. These are the pictures of the wall I painted a while ago in the bedroom and also the entertainment unit we got from Ashley Furniture with the new TV as well. And the last picture is obviously just the house that we live in!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Engagement Photos

Fun Time!

Ok, so the last week has been quite the interesting one. Saturday, Mallory went in to get her extensions put in by her friend Kallie so that we could go down to Maricopa to get our engagement photos taken. Everything went well and she looked more beautiful than ever. So we pick up my sister Marissa who is taking the photos of us and start to head down there and everything is going as planned. As were driving right into Maricopa Mallory starts to have some pain in her sides and just gets a little quiet. So as were driving up to my parents I hear her on the phone talking to her mom saying how much pain she is in and I start to hear her sound as if she is crying so I get worried. So we go upstairs cause she says everything is fine and we get into our first outfit to go get pictures taken and she is in more pain than ever and can't barely move and get the energy to get pictures taken. So I take her to the urgent care center there and they run some tests, and we come to find out shes got kidney stones. So that put a hold on the pictures being taken. So I spend the weekend watching her in case she needs to go somewhere but everything went fine with the meds they gave her. So we wait a few days and on Tuesday Mallory decides to try and get the photos taken again so she gets her hair done again and we head down to Maricopa again. Everything was perfect this time. No kidney stone attacks and we both looked very cute in the photos. We ran a little short on time but still got plenty of cool pictures taken. Above is a little slide show that was put together and feel free to leave comments on the photos so we know which ones are better to help us choose which one to put in the announcement. That's been our progress on the wedding stuff thus far and we'll be sure to keep you updated.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Touched Deeply!!!

I was touched by this story and thought I would post up the link for anyone who wishes to read about this couple and their baby boy!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Been A While!

Well it has definately been a few weeks since I have been on here to write. There's been alot of stuff that has been going on so I'll just brief you one whats been happening. The first thing I guess is that we found a new Samsung big screen TV for downstairs in our home and an entertainment unit from Ashley to place it on with two bookcases on the side for some decorating that Mallory loves to do. We'll post pictures of it after we get it all set up. It will take a while becuase the tv is being delivered on the 23 along with dish network gettin set up which is a new change as well, and the entertainment unit is coming on the 24 to get set up. So hopefully this weekend we will have everything up and be able to post it up. Then we went to a few different tux places to try and find lime green vests for the wedding and after about a total of 2 months of looking, we finally found a place with the right color and went ahead and made reservations for those. We then went shopping over the weekend and tried to find a couple of different outfits for our engagement photos and found some great stuff from the gap, banana republic, and some other stores. So my sister Marissa actually took some photos of us that we really liked down in Maricopa by my parents place and we really liked the photos. Those will be posted as soon as Mallory makes a little slideshow of some of the photos. They were some really creative ideas that Marissa came up with. So now that we have the outfits, Mallory is having her friend Kallie do her hair and gettin longer extensions put in and then next weekend we will have the engagement photos taken. So basically that is whats been going on in the last 10-15 days that I haven't written on here. Last off, we went and saw the new Batman movie last night and both though it was a really good movie. I personally thought that Heath Ledger did a great job as the joker but as a movie overall, I thought the Batman Begins was a little better but like I said, we still thought it was a great movie. We both definately reccomend that everyone goes and sees it. That's whats going on with us right now and like I said, we'll have some photos posted up as soon as possible!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

4th Of July Party!

Well the 4th of July was a good day for us. We had a big get together with Mallorys family and my family. We did a barbecue at her paretns house and had a great time. The families get together very well. Moms have a lot in common along with our dads. A few of us got in the pool after dinner and went swimming for a while. Marissa and Dave came over as well with the twins and I got to go swimming with the girls and played in the pool. Some of Mallory's nieces and nephews got in the pool as well so we had a big party. Unfortunately afterwards only a few people went to go see fireworks. Mallory and I just went back to where I'm staying for the next few months til we get married and watched a little tv cause we were both quite tired. So after watching a little tv we went back to her house and just watched a little more tv and looked on the internet together to try and find some tuxedos for the wedding with lime green vests. That was basically what we did for the day. It wasn't to eventful aside from the meetings of the family. Saturday I spent the day at her house and painted a wall in her bedroom that she wanted painted. Its a dark red color called heirloom red. It turned out very nice and we both like it. Got to do a deep clean in her room that day and it was nice to totally clean the whole room and have it look very nice. That was basically our weekend cuase Sunday just consisted of church and then dinner at her parents house. We'll update again soon and post up some pictured from the 4th of july and the painted room.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Proposal Story!!!

Well so this is the story of how the proposal went down in Newport Beach, CA. Cause it definately did not go as planned but was still the happiest day of our lives.

So it was around 11:30 at night monday night and were downstairs watching tv with her best friend Michelle and her husband Pete. I asked Michelle if her and Pete would help with the setting up with laying the red and white candles in the big shape of a heart and spreading flower pedals all around it. The planned area was out on the beach under a lifeguard tower. So Mallory wants to go upstairs and go to bed so I try my best to keep her up by watching a little tv upstairs thinking it would only take about 15-20 minutes for them to set it up. But Michelle sends a message to me about 10 minutes after we went upstairs (but my phone was on silent so I didn't get it) that says, we can't get the candles to stay lit because the wind in blowing too hard so what should we do. Haha, and I didn't get this so being me and with Mallory being so impatient, after being upstairs for about 25 minutes I finally say lets just go on a little walk before we go to bed. So we go outside and I'm thinking something has to be set up by now and if they're both out there when I ask her that's ok, because they did help me with the whole thing but as we're walking out we get down the stairs and right there is Michelle. She has the most shocked look on her face and all she asks is, where are you going? Because she knows nothing is set up yet and I hadn't responded to the message I got on my phone because it was on silent. So I just responded by saying we're going for a little walk. So I just figured I would propose with whatever is set up out there. But as we get right to the beach I feel the wind and wonder if anything is set up. So while were walking down there I see nothing so I just figured I would do it in the dark cause the case lights up when it's opened. Right when were about to get there around 12:15 in the morning on what is now Tuesday, technically being my birthday, another couple just happens to be walking on the beach and just happens to sit right under the tower. So nothing is going how I planned as of now so we just go walk down by the water for a bit then head back up. As we're going upstairs I notice Michelle downstairs still up so I told Mallory to just go head and go upstairs and get ready for bed while I was gonna try to figure something out with Michelle real quick but she wasn't to happy about that. So she storms up the stairs and slams the door angry at me (but I'm not upset because I'm trying to plan something very special for her). Right away she sends me a message saying I was planning on staying up with you a little longer but i guess not and happy birthday by the way. So then a few minutes later I get this message from her saying, "do you not want to marry me anymore? is that what the problem is and why you're in this mood?" Not thinking the first thing I respond to her is a message saying "no I'm sorry". But what I was implying was I'm sorry for being a jerk casue I know Mallory was thinking that I was being a jerk to her so I later made that clear. So after all that we figure out to just set everything up inside as you see in the pictures below and to just ask her inside. So we get everything set up and I then call her and ask her if she would please come downstairs so that we could talk. But she argues with me refusing to come down because she's mad at me and we go back and forth talking and trying to get her to come down but no luck. So then Michelle goes upstairs and brings her down and right when she opens the door she could see the candle light flickering off the walls and says out loud, I'm so sorry I'm so sorry! So she comes around the corner and sees me kneeling and then I ask her. So that's the story on how we got engaged and even though it didn't come out as planned, it was still the greatest night of our lives!

Newport Beach 2008