Monday, September 13, 2010

Catching Up With The Ruckers

Well it has been a while since I have taken the time to write on the blog. Things have just been a little crazy. I don't even know where to begin. So we have invaded my parents house. We have been living here for the past 6 or 7 weeks now. (I know my parents are probably SO ready to get rid of us) But don't worry that will happen soon. We are in the middle of moving into our new house and we decided it would just be easier to stay here during the move. Last Saturday, all the Rucker family and Josh came over to help us paint the new house. It turned out great! All the rooms are done, except the upstairs bathroom. I know I will end up painting some more later on, but for those 2 rooms (Jesse's office and the play room) we haven't decided what we want to do exactly. Jesse has turned into SUPER husband and started moving all the furniture over and get everything set up. He isn't letting me do anything because of my back. We don't want to make it worse. We are hoping to have everything moved by the end of the week and then thats when I will come to help put everything where its suppose to go. Jesse knows better than to decorate without me. hehe! I'm VERY picky. I can't wait until everything is all set up and we are completely moved in! The house is so nice. The dogs LOVE their new backyard and Jesse loves the pool!

As for other news, the epidural I talked about in the last post seemed to help somewhat for my endometriosis pain. Its been alot better this month. But my back had seriously started hurting so bad. I had never been in so much pain in my life. My back hurt my whole pregnancy and they thought he was sitting on my sciatic nerve. We all thought it would go away when I had him but it didn't and it continued to get worse. The pain specialist did an MRI on my back and pelvis. They found that I still had endometriosis. Which means when I had my surgery a month ago. My doctor must not have gotten all of it or it grew back very quickly. So that sucks. They also found that I have 2 bulged discs in my lower back. My L4 and L5. The plan for that, is 1 epidural tomorrow, 1 next Tuesday (to numb and help with the pain) and then they will begin doing decompressions to try and get those discs back into the right place and not as bulged. So I have my first one tomorrow, I am REALLY hoping that it helps. My back kills all the time and I can't stand for a long period of time. I am not suppose to lift anything at all which doesn't work out to well when you have a kid...especially a chunker of kid. So I guess we will see tomorrow if I get any relief. Lets hope this works.

As for Braxton, he is now a little over 6 MONTHS OLD. I can't believe that he's 1/2 a year old. Man, does time fly.
His current stats:
Weight: 18 Lbs. 3 Oz.
Length: 26.5 In.
Head Size: 47.5 cm.

So Braxton sleeps ALL the time. I mean I swear he is barely awake. He will only stay up for maybe 1 1/2 hours and then he will go back to sleep. Its kinda hard to get him on a schedule when all he does is sleep. But even though he sleeps all day... he still sleeps through the whole night.(Now remember, even though he's the size of a regular 6 month old... he still does things by his corrected age which is 3 1/2 months old) He can now hold his head up by himself and he is loving tummy time more and more. He rolled over for the first time August 30th. He "talks" all the time and loves to laugh. He has 2 different laughs. His real laugh and a fake cough like laugh. Its so funny. He smiles all the time especially for GiGi (My Gram) Every time she comes into the house he just laughs and smiles and talks to her. He could be in the middle of screaming and he would stop just for her. He loves his Grandma GiGi. He has begun drooling... all the time, ALOT! So now he has to wear bibs constantly. I don't think he is getting teeth just yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it happened soon. Overall, Braxton is such a good baby. He gets cuter and cuter by the day! Andrew (my 6 yr old nephew) was over one day and he goes "Why is Braxton so cute?" and I said, "What do you mean?" and he goes "Why is Braxton so cute? He is so much cuter than all the other babies." Is that not the cutest thing ever??? I think he is starting to look a little different, maybe a little more like me! Yay! Some of Braxton's favorite things to do right now are: laugh, talk and smile at his "ceiling friends", chew on EVERYTHING, play with toys, watch TV (he LOVES tv...wonder who he gets that from), kick magazines and rip out the pages, tummy time, rolling over, taking baths, laying on his changing table and his new thing... sucking his thumb (yeah, not too happy about that one)
Braxton sleeps with his eyes open. Its kinda creepy actually, they're not even rolled back into his head so if you looked at him you would think he's awake. When he does wake up, he wakes up immediately and his eyes get so wide open he looks like a deer in the headlights. He is such a morning person. He never cries when he wakes up, around 6 I will just hear him moving in his bed and I look over and his eyes are wide open and he will give you a BIG smile! I'm kinda glad he's like that. It makes him too cute to get mad that you are being awakened early :-)