Saturday, June 26, 2010

So Much Going On.....

Let's see where should I begin... I guess in order and in case you don't want to read all of it. Here are Braxton's new stats
13 lbs 7 oz; 23.5 inches and his head is 43 cm.

So the past month or so Braxton has been the devil.... that's what we call him, our little devil. He has been so fussy, not sleeping at all, in pain, you name it. There were a couple days where I didn't even think I would survive it. No seriously, I mean I had mental breakdowns (and not just my normal ones hehe)But we made it through it.

Father's Day rolled around and we spent it down at the Rucker's so we could also celebrate Jesse's B-day. For father's day I got Jesse the Logitech Harmony Remote that he wanted. (everyone in my family has one... and we just bought one for his day for his birthday) It controls EVERYTHING! Its amazing. We love it! I can't believe we both got to celebrate our first Father's Day and Mother's Day this year. That's so crazy to me. We're getting old (ok I am getting old)

Next, I had my appointment with that new specialist in endometriosis. I really really liked him. I think I am going to keep going to him until its time to get prego again then I will have him recommend someone. He gave me all my different options. The best being just to have a hysterectomy and then I would have NO PAIN AT ALL... but that also means, I would have no more kids either. So not going down that route yet. I am going to try a couple different medicines while they give me meds to help with the pain. If those don't work my last options are surgery (again) or lupron (again). I actually prefer the surgery over the lupron. So hopefully something will start working and quick. My pain is getting worse day by day. I am beginning to not be able to handle it.

Then it was Jesse's Birthday. We actually went out the saturday before to celebrate because his b-day was on a week day. My parents babysat while we went to go see Robin Hood... such a good movie (from what I saw, I fell asleep. Not because it was bad but I was SO tired from the night before with B) Then we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner! Yumm. So on his actual birthday. I got him 2 cute shirts from Tilly's to hold him over until his real present gets here (its actually from me, my parents, his parents) He decided he wanted a really nice pair of eye glasses and found on good deal on these really cute Versace frames. We are just waiting for them to arrive.

I got Braxton in to see my sis-law's gastrointerologist that she loves. They were able to fit him in Friday. He didn't think anything was seriously wrong. So they upped his dosage of Zantac and now we give it to him 3 times a day. He's on the same formula but now we add rice cereal to make it thicker. It seems to be working. He was like a completely different baby this weekend. He slept for like EVER and was totally chill most of the time. It was awesome Umm the dr did call back because he was worried... a month ago his head was 38 cm and this time it was 43 cm. Which I guess is alot to grow in one month. They said either person could have measured it wrong or it could just be him catching up from being preemie, but he's having my pediatrician check on it. I guess I should have mentioned that both his father and I have HUGE noggins!

So today Jesse left for Ohio for 2 WHOLE weeks... I already miss him. And I already felt like I was going crazy without his help! I am staying at my parents house while he's gone 1. Because I get scared sleeping at my house by myself, especially with a baby now 2. My mom already babysits him while I work anyways this will just make it easier 3. They said they would help me out more so I could catch up on some rest. Which I definitely need! It hasn't even been 24 hours and I hate not having Jesse here. This is totally gonna suck. Then he informed me that they are going to be sending him to Cleveland more often, yay (not). Oh well I am happy and excited for him and his promotion. But HURRY HOME!

So thats about it... oh yeah, my best friend Marci just found out she is 12 weeks pregnant! She was basically the only one out of our group who wasn't prego when we all were. So I am SOOOOOO excited (and so is she) We both think it is going to be a girl but she finds out for sure at the end of July!!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Braxton's Photoshoot- 3 Months

Photos by Lisa Marie Potter

Thanks Aimee, for giving us such a wonderful gift! Your friend did such an amazing job and we LOVE LOVE LOVE the photos!!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

3 Months

I feel like I have been blogging too much... so for those of you who read these and get bored. I'm sorry.

Braxton is 3 months old ... or 2 weeks(corrected) He now weighs 12 lbs 2 oz, 22 in long and his head is 41 cm. They just switched his formula to a hypoallergenic one in hopes to help alleviate his stomach pains. It seems to be working, only problem now its seems to be going RIGHT through him, if you know what I mean. So hopefully they can figure out which formula will be best for him. I feel so bad when his tummy hurts and there is nothing I can do to help it. His sleeping has been off lately... probably due to the fact he was in pain all the time. We are hoping he will get back on schedule soon and out of his carseat. That's like the only place he will sleep. Weird I know. We want to switch him into the cradle that Jesse's Dad made for us. It is amazing. I can't believe he did it all by hand. It is perfect.

Last Saturday we had our first pictures of Braxton taken. It was Aimee's gift to us. She had her friend Lisa Marie do them. Although, he cried and was fussy the first hour of the shoot, I think we got some really good pictures. I hope they are super cute. It was a little harder to do some of the "newborn" poses cuz he's so much older now. But once he finally calmed down, he let us put him in whatever positions and outfits we wanted. I can't wait to see what they look like. As soon as we get them we will post them.

So thats about it lately. I found a new doctor who specializes in endometriosis. I go to see him on the 22nd. I have been in so much pain lately, I can't stand it. It is so hard to take a care of a baby and be in that much pain 24/7. All I do is cry at night. I am really hoping that he will be able to help me out in some way. Last night was Glee's season finale. I really think I am going to go into a deep depression the next couple months until it starts back up again. Well, at least my fav show will be coming back on. Jesse's ended for good. No more 24. And yes, he still wants to name one of our kids Jack Bauer. Although, I can't say much cuz I want to name one Finn! hehe! Anyways well thats all... be checking back for the post of Braxton's baby pics!!!! Love you all