Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So our first Valentine's Day as a couple we spent it in Texas. Which was nice to be away, just too bad I was in pain and recovering from surgery. We still had a nice day though...we spent the day going to lunch at Rudy's (which Jesse had been dying to try since he hears not only his dad rave about it but my family also)and then window shopping at the mall. I found this really cute bracelet at coach that I loved. So later that night we ordered in some amazing Chinese food and just hungo out with Michelle and Pete. They told us they were going to look at guns but came back to supirse us with our Valentine's gifts. They both got us a single rose... Michelle's was pink (of course) and mine red. Michelle got her Snuggie she wanted and Jesse suprised me with my Hannah Montana singing card that I wanted...in it was a gift card to Coach to buy the bracelet he heard me talking about. I have the best husband ever! Although, the bracelet is on backorder till March 30th I am still determined to get it.... thats how cute it is! So overall we had a great first Valentine's Day as a couple...minus the pain! Seriously, I really do have the best husband ever. Not only did he suprise me with my gift, he took care of me the whole weekend! I love him more than anything!


So we just happened to be in Texas on Michelle's birthday weekend... we went out Friday Feb. 13th for her birthday dinner to Babe's Chicken. (Which was Jesse's fav meal) We ordered food and I secretely told them it was Michelle's b-day. So at the end of the dinner the made her dress like a chicken and flap her wings while we all sang happy birthday to her. Lets just say she wasn't too happy about that! We went back to her parents house to celebrate with Sprinkles cupcakes that Pete had brought with him. I have been dying to try them and for some reason I thought they were just in LA but they have one in Dallas and actually one in Scottsdale... but they were super yummy! I got Michelle some cute clothes from my store for her b-day... hope she liked them. I am so glad that we got to spend Michelle's birthday with her. It has been way too long! Love you Michelle!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Surgery Over!

So as you have noticed in the photos below she was all happy and perky, but obviously worried cause she's having surgery, but happy that the pain would be gone for a few years before it comes back. The best doctor on earth came out and finally let me know that everything went well. He did find the endometriosis in her and scraped it out and said that she should be feeling a whole lot better. So here are some of the post surgery photos that are always the funny ones cause the person is so out of it. So do enjoy but remember to pray for her to feel better and have a speedy recovery.


Well so far the trip to Texas has been pretty fun. We got in on Wednesday around noon and went to our great friends Michelles parents house to stay. For those who don't know we came to Texas so that Mallory could have surgery to have her endometriosis removed cause she's been in some great amounts of pain because of it. The reason we came here was because her friend Michelles dad is the doctor that did the operation last time and hes an amazing doctor and person. We're so lucky to have had him squeeze her into his busy schedule. I'm just waiting in the waiting area in the hospitle as she is getting operated on now. So I'll be sure to write more up tomorrow as to how the surgery went and post some pretty pictures of my beautiful wife!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Superbowl Sunday!

Well so as everyone most likely knew, tonight was the Pittsburgh Steelers against the amazing Arizona Cardinals. We went down to my parents house to watch the game and had a big party with lots of yummy food. We had pizza, taquitos, wings, cheese sticks, and so much more. The game was great to watch however very frustrating at times to see the Cardinals make so many stupid mistakes and help out the Steelers in every way possible. It was the end of the second quarter and the Cardinals tip a Steelers pass leading to an interception and great field position for the chance to take the lead trailing 10-7. Unfortunately Warner throws a dumb and rushed pass to the middle of the field leading to a Steelers interception and then returning it 100 yards to score a touch down and go up 17-7 at the half. The Cards came out fired up however and scored a touch down in the 4th to be trailing 20-14. Then they force the Steelers into a safety making it 20-16 and we get the ball off of a drop kick. Then the amazing Fitzgerald catches a pass and run 70 yards to the end zone putting the Cards up 23-20 with 2 minutes left. Now for the bad news. For some reason instead of the Cards defensive coach calling a defense to secure the win, he tried to be a big hero and blitz's with 4 players every play allowing the Steelers to go 70 yards in 2 minutes scoring the winning touchdown winning 27-23. WHAT A FREAKING BUMMER! Totally ruining every Arizonians spirit. But life is life and we look forward to the next season to hopefully end the horrible drought of no Superbowl championship for the Arizona Cardinals. So not much left to write being in a dampered mood so until next time, we love you all.