Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So last night was our girls night out. Kallie, Brittany, Marci, Michelle, Aimee, and I all went out for sushi at RA and ended up chatting for hours. So when I showed up, Marci and Brittany had me wear a feather boa and a veil with devil horns. I thought it was super cute, even though everyone kept looking at me! We ordered lots of sushi and caught up on girl talk for the next couple hours. (I was so excited to eat sushi since I rarely get to go because Jesse refuses to try it.) Marci and Brittany got me some fun gifts that I will be able to use on our wedding night. Last night was so the most fun I have had in a while. I was so excited that Michelle got to spend it with me. Finally my TX best friend and my AZ best friends together at once.

Bridal Shower

So August 23rd, 2008 was my bridal shower. Kallie and my mom put together the cutest bridal shower. I absolutely loved it, it couldn't have been more perfect. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who came, especially my best friend Michelle who flew all the way out here from Texas. Also, thanks to everyone who brought food and helped. We ended up getting alot of great presents for the house that I can't wait to use and I even got some lingerie! We are planning on setting up the rest of the house this weekend. I am so excited!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Girls Night!

So I am a little late to post this, but last Wednesday I had some of my girlfriends (Brittany, Kallie, Marci, and Ashley) come over to help me put all the invitations together. It was a good thing the Olympics were on so while we caught up on girl talk, Jesse was entertained by the TV. The invitations turned out great and we had a blast catching up! So thanks to my girls who came and helped! You guys are the best!

A New Addition to Greenwald Family

Well it looks as if Colby finally gets to be a Big Brother, Beth gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on August 16th around 10 PM. They have decided to name him Brody Austin Greenwald. Beth and the baby are doing fine and are expected to come home from the hospital today, Monday. Colby couldn't be more excited to be a big brother. He was announcing it to everyone last night at family dinner. So, Congratulations Greenwald family on your new addition!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well this is just a little quick posting of three pictures for everyone to see cause I said I'd put them up. These are the pictures of the wall I painted a while ago in the bedroom and also the entertainment unit we got from Ashley Furniture with the new TV as well. And the last picture is obviously just the house that we live in!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Engagement Photos

Fun Time!

Ok, so the last week has been quite the interesting one. Saturday, Mallory went in to get her extensions put in by her friend Kallie so that we could go down to Maricopa to get our engagement photos taken. Everything went well and she looked more beautiful than ever. So we pick up my sister Marissa who is taking the photos of us and start to head down there and everything is going as planned. As were driving right into Maricopa Mallory starts to have some pain in her sides and just gets a little quiet. So as were driving up to my parents I hear her on the phone talking to her mom saying how much pain she is in and I start to hear her sound as if she is crying so I get worried. So we go upstairs cause she says everything is fine and we get into our first outfit to go get pictures taken and she is in more pain than ever and can't barely move and get the energy to get pictures taken. So I take her to the urgent care center there and they run some tests, and we come to find out shes got kidney stones. So that put a hold on the pictures being taken. So I spend the weekend watching her in case she needs to go somewhere but everything went fine with the meds they gave her. So we wait a few days and on Tuesday Mallory decides to try and get the photos taken again so she gets her hair done again and we head down to Maricopa again. Everything was perfect this time. No kidney stone attacks and we both looked very cute in the photos. We ran a little short on time but still got plenty of cool pictures taken. Above is a little slide show that was put together and feel free to leave comments on the photos so we know which ones are better to help us choose which one to put in the announcement. That's been our progress on the wedding stuff thus far and we'll be sure to keep you updated.