Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Look What I Found....

***This exact desk but black***

So this weekend Jesse and I decided to FINALLY take a trip up to our cabin.(Jesse had only been asking to go up there since I met him... almost 2 years ago. Haha) My parents were already up there for the holiday weekend, so Jesse and I decided to meet them up there Friday after work. We left at 6 and after 2 hrs of driving and 45 min of sitting in traffic we finally made it there. Even though it was raining part of the time, it was still nice to "get away" for the weekend. We just hung out, ate and watched tv all weekend long. Saturday on our way into Payson for Dinner and a movie we stopped at this super cute antique store called Moose Mountain in Pine.( Debbie - you would love this store, along with ALL the others there!!!)They happened to be selling some furniture out front..this super cute black desk (it is the exact desk pictured, just black) I had been wanting a differnt color desk. I asked the lady how much thinking maybe if I was lucky it would be around $100... to my suprise she said $40... can you believe that... 40 FREAKIN DOLLARS for a desk. Granted it was a little banged up and my mom did drop the drawer but for $40 it was in GREAT condiditon. So we bought it and loaded it up into the truck. And Jesse says I can't be cheap...Pshh! Now the good part... so after we got home Jesse was moving the desk upstairs and noticed where the desk was originally from.,BALLARD DESIGNS. One of my fav decorating stores. Its like Pottery Barn but cuter and more expensive. So I was like "Sweet" and then decided to check it out onlineto see how much it was and if they still had it. To my suprise they did, so I stole the picture to put on the blog so everyone could see my amazing deal I got. Ok so have any guesses on how much the desk cost on their website???? $100... $300....$400... NOPE, $700!!! Can you believe that... I just scored a $700 desk for $40 Pretty sweet, huh? So all in all, the past weekend was a blast.Relaxing with my hubby and parents. Watching movies and eating good food! Mmm, Macky's Grill. Can't wait to go back for that. So if anyone is down for going to the cabin with us... just lets us know! Its lots of fun. Who knows maybe next time we will even do some of the outdoor stuff! haha!