Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Puppy Cuts!

Well this isn't really something that happened in the last few days but we had the puppies groomed a while ago. Since we're both to scared to cut their nails, we always just wait til we take them to get their hair cut and just have them do it, haha! Anyways, the other day after we had taken them to get them cut I was laying downstairs on the couch and they both came to lay with me and they ended up falling asleep on me. I just happened to have my phone in my pocket and was able to take a picture and when I had taken the picture I then noticed and just thought it was cute that Bella always takes one of her front legs and wraps it around her little sister Maya to try and keep her warm, lol! They of course now have much longer hair and are in need for a trip to the groomer to have their hair cut again.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So I have decided to start making crafts again in my spare time. Since so many of my friends are pregnant and I will be needing gifts, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and make baby things. So this week it was wipe case covers. These are just some that I have made so far but I am going to be doing lots of different colors with differnt buckles in the middle. I have round ones, square ones, hearts, fluer di lis's.etc... I am also going to do different designs with different patterns and fabrics.

I have also decided that I am going to attempt to make bling binkies (binkies with rhinestone designs), binky holders (the clips that attach the binky on to the baby's shirt), burp clothes with cute designs and patterns.. of course for that one I will have to learn how to sew... Yeah, I doubt that is going to happen, but we'll see. Jesse came home and saw all wipe case covers I had made today and he was like "These actually look good." Pshh..Like I was going to make something ugly. Anyways... well I will keep you posted on all of my new crafts. If you like any of these and you want one...justt me know.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


So Summer is definately here, at least it feels like it. I was on my way home from the doctor's office (yes, I am always at the doctor!!!)wednesday and decided to stop by my parents and to my suprise both of my sisters-in-law and their kids were over to go swimming. So I decided to stay for a bit and lay out by the pool to chat while the kids swam. Of course I didn't have a swimsuit but luckily I had a tank top on and I borrowed a pair of shorts from my mom. I have to say I did get some sun that day and I realized why I like to tan at the tanning salon. Arizona is FREAKIN HOT! I was only laying there for about 10 minutes and I thought I was going to DIE!!! So no more outside for me...looks like I'm gonna stick to the tanning beds until I'm on the beach in Cali this summer! I did have fun watching the kids though. Maddie can swim all the way to the deep end now and Andrew has gotten so much better too. I can't believe how old they are and all the things they can do now. Colby was shooting baskets and man, I can tell he is going to be one good basketball player just like his dad!!! Ema is just like her Auntie Mally... she just likes to float on raft or lay out on a chair! I swear she is my long lost child! I think Brody was the only kid who didn't seem to have too much fun in the water. Beth tried to stick him in this floaty thing but he just started screaming when he was put in the water... I guess he doesn't like baths either. Lol! So all in all it was a good day, I was just sad that Jesse couldn't be there to spend it with me!!! Maybe next time!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Playing with the Kids!!!

So last week Jesse and I met my Mom at San Tan Village so we could hang out with Andrew and Ema, whom she was babysitting. We watched them as they played on the playground... well Andrew played on it while Ema sat next to me and my mom like she always does! We love spending time with Andrew and Ema, its just too bad that Maddie is in school all day. So we don't see her as much. :-( After the playing, we got pretzels( their favorite and mine) and headed home. Sometimes I really love that I only work part time and Jesse isn't in school all the time. That way we can have relaxing days spending time with eachother and family!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


So here is what my hand looks like after they removed the bandages. Gross,huh! It stillhurts pretty bad and Ihave to ice it all time. At least now, it is just in a splint and in 10 days I get the stiches taken out. Hopefully, it won't hurt too much and my scares will heal quickly