Sunday, January 25, 2009

Valentines Pictures

So we had dinner at my parents house and my mom just HAD to have the kids in matching clothes to take a Valentine's Day picture this year. So what did I do, bought myself a cute Valentine's shirt and made Jesse match so we could take a picture too. I think they turned out cute. Maddie actually let me straighten her hair and Andrew had some help from Jesse. I somehow managed to make Ema cry 3 times while trying to do her hair...falling off the chair... her touching the curling iron... and accidentally getting hairspray in her eye. Man, my kids have no hope.

My 24th Birthday Pictures

I know that we already did a post about this but my dad finally found the pictures from that night so here they are....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Once again!!!

Well so once again some more of the pave diamonds have fallen out of Mallorys ring so we had to take it in to Kay for the 4th time now to have them send it out and get it fixed. So this time I went in with just a little bit of attitude cause we wanted to just get our money back that we spent on the ring so that we could go get a different ring from another store cuase we weren't happy with the service of Kay. Unfortunately Kay doesn't really care about the problem we keep having cause they say we aren't able to do anything about it but it will continue to get fixed for free if we need it done. After a little bit of talking with them the store manager finally said he would see if we could get a credit for the amount we spent towards another ring but the bad side to that is in order to get the credit you have to double the amount spent. Now think logically, who in their right mind would double the amount they spent at a jeweler who doesn't care about customers problems. Not me, so I started talking to the lady about that and she started to water up and just about cry so I just said forget it, and we left the ring to be fixed and now we are calling the corporate office to get things figured out. So having just got another ring their for her birthday from her parents, it to is pave, we are going to return that ring while we can still get our money back and go to a different store to purchase a ring with better quality and better customer service. So that was our fun deal this past week along with also as you already saw, going to Mikaylas State Cheer Competition and seeing her join her brother Jesse (ME) as a State Champion. The last thing on my mind is the Cardinals crazy win on Sunday. WOOHOO!!! Cardinals are playing for the Superbowl two weeks from now so you all better say your prayers and root on the Cardinals!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


So today was an interesting day, we both got up super early and dragged ourselves out of bed to drive all the way to Prescott to see Mikayla perform in the State Cheerleading Competition. So the drive up there... I fell asleep like usual and woke up to find Jesse pulled over on the side of the road. I first thought something happened to the car, then I realized he got pulled over. Oops! Going 12 over... talk to Jesse and he will justify it. Good thing I wasn't driving like we planned, my license would have been gone for a 1 YEAR!

So while I and the rest of Jesse's family watched the rest of the squads Jesse played on his phone and occasionally looked up to make fun of the cheerleaders. (Typical guy!) Mikayla's squad did great... seriously so much better than the rest of the squads. Better stunts, better dance, better transitions... all over better! Although, it was still kind of a shock they took first. SO CONGRATS TO MIKAYLA ON WINNING STATE!!! We are so proud of you!!! The funniest part is that when they announced the runner up they said it kind of weird so you kinda didn't know who was second and who was first so it took the girls of Maricopa Cheer to catch on that one, classic... but when they did, I hadn't seen a more excited squad to win!

Luckily the drive home, Jesse didn't get pulled over... at least I don't think. I was asleep again! We stopped and got PF Changs (My fav) and scored a free dessert. Hung out with my parents and nephews and then came home to relax. (And find that the dogs had gotten into the magazines and ate them!) Well its almost 2 in the morning, so I better get to bed!

Note: the entire time I was writing this, Maya kept jumping from the couch to the ottoman over and over. Sometimes I wonder if these dogs aren't all there! :-)

Friday, January 2, 2009


We want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope they have some good resolutions set for the beginning of a new year. New Years eve we spent at home with some family. We had Jake and Madi and Josh and Rebecka come over to play some games. Well we all played games cause Mallory didn't feel to good so she was the score keeper. Then after a little while of not wanting to be score keeper anymore cuase her head was starting to hurt, she went and just sat on the couch and watced some TV. The Dick Clarks New Years show from NYC was on and so was Phantom Of The Opera so she went back and forth between that. We started out playing the Wii cause for christmas we got this new game for it called Wii Fit, which I'm sure alot of you have heard of. You do various fitness activities such as yoga, strength straining, aerobics, and balance games. So of course just having fun we did the games. First we had to get everyone set up on it and run some tests so the Wii could determine their Wii Fit age. I was the oldest, being 38, Josh was 37, Jake was 35 I think, Mallory was 35, Madi was 31, and Rebecka beat us all being the most fit for her age and she came in perfect at 20. Then some played the balance game of ski jumping, like they do in the olympics where they see how far they can jump, and as soon as I get the camera back from my wife I'm gonna put a video of Jake and Madi doing it cause it was freaking hilarious. Then we all kinda settled down and played some card games and just had fun. The strike of 12 was coming on so we all sat in front of the TV to watch the ball drop and kiss our spouses at the New Year. After that we played another game and then everyone left. The two games we mainly played that are great family fun games are Swat and Discombobulation. They are both card games and very fun. Then for New Years day we got together with my family cause we always go see a movie in the afternoon and then do a big dinner together. So we went and saw Valkyrie which was a great movie, and went to my parents in Maricopa for a steak and shrimp dinner. Then we all just visited and came home and got alot of sleep. That was our New Years holiday so we hope you all had a great one like us and we love you all!