Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

So after being sick all weekend, I thought I would give the blog a try. So, what I thought was going to be a relaxing day off from work yesterday, actually ended up being a very eventful day. Jesse spent the whole morning moving out of his apartment... and while I probably should have offered to help him, I went and did what I do best... Shopping! (Honestly, how much help would I have been anyways???) It was a succesful shopping trip, I ended up with a wedding dress. It wasn't the one I had gone there to get, in fact, it wasn't even one of the few I had been looking at. But I put it on, and it was just perfect. It is totally me, simple! I kept trying to convince Jesse to let me try it on for him, but of course he wouldn't give in! :-( So I tried it on for everyone in my family... multiple times. I just love it! I am super excited. So the rest of the day was spent with family. We went to Kingston Barry's 1st Birthday. He is so cute and super big! You should have seen him with cake, it was so funny! Then we headed to my house to have a BBQ with my whole fam. We just ate, and ate, and watched the kids swim. I am starting to think that my nieces and nephews like Jesse more than me, especially my nephew. He is always asking to play with Jesse. I think Jesse's favorite part was taking my brothers new truck for a test drive since we are in the middle of deciding what kind of truck to buy him when we get married. So my day didn't go the way I planned, but it was a memorable one filled with family and friends!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

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The Gratitude Campaign

If only we could all be a little better at taking just a few seconds to thank those who are in the service for their diligence and hard work for providing us the freedom they fight for and provide us with every day!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

How We Met!

Well Jesse and I met on March 30. It goes back before that day though that we started noticing each other. Jesse was doing his home teaching to who are now my two roomates and they had mentioned that they were wanting to set him up with me. Jesse never acted on it though because he wasn't really looking for a relationship at the time. So about a month goes by where we just see each other here and there and then my two new roomates move in and Jesse helps them move in being their home teacher. So after they move in they're heading home and again they tell Jesse that they want to set the two of us up. Once again Jesse doesn't do anything. This time his reason was that since they didn't do anything the last time they said this he didn't think they were being serious about it. So a couple weeks go by and then I find out he's coming over to do some home teaching so I tell my roomates I want to answer the door to see who he is. I thought he was so cute but we didn't really get to talk much because he came in and did his home teaching and then he left. So we go to church and it turns out that we end up sitting right by each other in Sunday School, and so I start texting my roomate to tell her to try and set us up. Little did I know that she sent a message to him after I said that saying that Mallory wants me to hook you two up. So after church is over I'm heading home and I get a text from Jesse and that's how our love affair started.