Saturday, April 25, 2009


So we woke up super early this morning to be to my surgery by 6AM...I was having my right wrist and fingers operated on. They were going in to cut out all this extra tissue that was causing this huge lump and pain in my wrist and trigger finger in 3 of my fingers. The surgery went well and only lasted about 30 min. I still cant feel or move my fingers but my wrist is KILLING me. I am on pain meds but I am still in a lot of pain and I can't use my right hand which really really sucks luckily I don't have to work until Wednesday! At least I have Jesse at home taking care of me... he even tried to help my fix my hair before the picture...hope it semi looks ok since hes going to have to be doing that for a couple days plus helping me get dressed, but on my makeup, fix my food etc..

PS I had to type this whole post with one hand... not so fun!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


So we started our Easter Sunday out by accidentally matching our church clothes (though Jesse will tell you otherwise) and heading off to Marshall and Aimee's ward. After staying for all of church.Yep thats right,I stayed for all 3 hours. We headed home to get ready for our next activity. Since it was Marissa's birthday today we went to meet her, Dave, and the girls at the park. It was so much fun to see them go on their Easter egg hunt and then fly kites and play.Our time with them was cut short, since we are the only family without kids... we got stuck getting everything ready for the dinner and egg hunt. It was nice that this year we got to do Easter with everyone...the Rucker's and the Greenwald's. For once we didn't have to go to two places on a holiday. It was nice to all be together... we had tons of people over. We did an Easter egg hunt for the kids and ate a huge big dinner. Overall it was a wonderful day spent with family and friends. This was a great first Easter for me and Jesse.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


So I know the concert was a while ago, but I have just been lazy to put the pictures up. So me and Jesse went to the Rascal Flatts concert on March 12th. I have been dying to see them in concert for forever now. Everytime they were here I lived in Texas and everytime they were in Texas I lived here! So I was so stoked that I was finally in the right state at the right time to see them this year. They are my favorite country band and Jesse loves them too! So despite the fact it was cold (and I had stolen Jesse's sweatshirt)the 4 girls next to us some how multiplied into 8, everyone was spilling beer on us and the girl behind me kept tapping my chair (and offbeat I might add) the concert was amazing! They are so good live. He seriously has an amazing voice and the bass player was so funny! I am so glad that I finally got to see them live and I got to go with my hubby!
Oh PS for anyone who cares... Jessica Simpson opened. She actually did better than I thought. She has a really good voice but she makes weird faces when she sings and she kept tripping over cords and almost falling on her butt!