Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello Friends and Family!

So this past week has been pretty eventful. Thursday was probably the most exciting for Mallory though. She started off her day at work which we all know was definitely not exciting for her, haha. After work though it all started for her by getting her hair done again with a new set of extensions being put in by her best friend Kallie who seems like a great girl. Haven't really gotten to know her but she seems wonderful. Then after that the night was a blast thanks to the generosity of her parents getting tickets for us to to go see Brad Paisley in the cricket wireless pavilion. That was a blast. It was my first concert and who better to go and see it with than my soon to be wife and the greatest in-laws on earth. In the concert line-up was Julianne Hough from dancing with the stars and she gave a pretty good show followed by Chuck Wicks who did a great job as well. Than the part I was looking forward to which was Jewel and she was great. Her songs are good and she has a great voice. The best part was last though with Brad Paisley putting on a great show. Sung alot of songs. He probably sang for about 2 hours which was great. The concert started at 7:30 and we didn't leave til 12. Great concert though and it was a blast. Our next concert we want to go to will be Rascal Flatts. Hopefully soon. Then Sunday was Fathers Day and we got together with her parents seeing as how my family was up in Utah on a vacation. It was a great day though. All of her family was there and some other friends so it was a fun time. I got to play with her nieces
and nephews and had a blast even though they rough housed me and beat me up a little bit. They got a couple of good shots on me that caused me to buckle to the ground so it was fair I think, lol. After the dinner we came back to Wendi and Herbs house where I'm staying just til we get married cause its only 3 months away and we played Mario Kart on the Wii which has to be the most exciting game on the planet right now. We all just love playing it. That's been our week though now were just counting down the days til we go to the beach for a week away in Newport, CA. Well it's time for me to go get ready for a meeting with our possible cater and our reception so we'll be sure to update again before the beach and definitely while we are at the beach.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Well I guess there isn't really much to say cause there isn't too much going on in our lives right now. I just helped out with the BYU volleyball camp that we have down here every summer that my old high school coach runs at the community college that she coaches at and it was pretty fun as usual. Me and Brian printed all the t-shirts that they give out at the camp and that is fun just very time consuming so I spent a few days with him getting those all made. Mallory just had to go to the doctor on Thursday to get a shot to try and figure out what was wrong with her foot. Once again though no luck on figuring out what the pain is so we get lucky and get to go back to the doctor once again for more appointments to hopefully try and solve this big mystery on her weird foot. So once we find out what that is hopefully we can post some good and exciting news for once cause lately everything that's getting put on here isn't too exciting. However, two weeks from now we will be in Newport Beach, CA for a week with her family in a beach house spending some time in her favorite place in the world. So I can't wait for that cause it's supposed to be a very special trip for all of us. That's about it for now so our next update will be in a couple days probably when something a little more exciting happens hopefully.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Short Hello

Well it's been a little while since we've said anything on here. Not much has happened in the last few days though so there won't be much to say. The latest most exciting news happened on Friday when Mallory got a phone call from Kay Jeweler telling her that her ring was finished and ready for pick up. So you better believe that she was yelling at me til we went and picked that sucker up. It turned out very beautiful I must say. She can't wait for the day to come that I ask the big question and she can wear the ring. Unfortunately I'm not really sure what she'll be more excited about though, wearing the ring or that we are actually engaged, lol. I know she loves me though and were so excited to get married. That was the highlight of the last few days. Everything else was more frustrating stuff with me finally getting all moved out of the condo I was in with my brothers. I'm so glad that's all over though, it was a crazy life living with all of them but definitely a fun time. Sunday we went to Mallory's parents for dinner though and Mallory was so excited to show everyone her ring and what it looked like on her finger (it did look quite amazing I must say). But that's pretty much it with what's happened the last few days. We'll be back soon with another update on how things are going.