Monday, May 30, 2011

Braxton's 1st Birthday!

For Braxton's 1st Birthday, we decided to throw him a "Pirate Party" and invite family and close friends over to our house. We ate pizza and hung out while all the kids played. It was nice to spend time with all of our family and friends! Braxton had a blast playing with all the other kids. He wasn't too fond of his birthday cake and he didn't know what to do with all the presents! Good thing he had Maxwell and Essa there to help him open them up!I know this is a little late but we just want to say thanks to everyone who came and spent this special day with us.
Braxton's Birthday Cake

Some of the decorations

Braxton and Easton = BFF's

Some of the Rucker Fam

Some of the Greenwald/Dickson fam

Asher in his pirate hat with JD

Kallie and Easton in their pirate hats!

Braxton opeing his presents with help from Maxwell and Essa

Mommy reading Braxton his birthday card

Madisen and Andrew

We tried to take a pic of the boys...Easton, Asher,and Braxton. Man, its hard trying to get those 3 to all look at the camera and sit still!

I love how they both tried to grab Asher's face in the picture! Too cute! They love Baby Asher

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

Braxton and Mimi in their St.Patty's Day shirts!!

Braxton's first time to the zoo!

B and Aunt Kira! This was her first time meeting him ever! He loves his Aunt Kira now!

Braxton and Daddy at the Aquarium. He LOVED it! (way more than the zoo, too!)

Mommy and B up inside the aquarium.

With Kira and her kids visiting we decided to do a photo shoot at the park so we could get some pictures of all of them

The Twins- Sadie & Grace

Caleb & Emilee

Braxton climbed on a rock - JK MeeMa is hiding behind it holding him up!

Kira and her kids!

All the cousins!!!


Braxton in his Valentine's Day shirt!

Braxton and his cousins, Madisen, Andrew and Emalie. They had fun at Mimi's house while Jesse and I went on a double date with Marshall and Aimee to Ruffino's. Yummy!

This was the first day Braxton got his glasses. He wanted to be just like his Daddy! Isn't he just so cute with them on? Well, I think he is! So many people ask us how they knew he needed glasses so this is what happened. Braxton's neurosurgeon wanted us to take hiim to the eye dr so they could look at the nerve in the back of the eye. If the pressure and fluid were bad enough it would be visible. When I took him the dr examined him and looked me and said, "Well I have some good news and bad news." He said, "Good news is I don't see anything wrong with the nerve, (which means the pressure and fluid werent bad enough to be seen. Which made it less likely that he would have hydrocephalus) Bad news is he is near-sides in one eye and far-sided in the other." Which meant, he had to get glasses...before he was even one! He does pretty good with his glasses..he usually doesn't mess with them or take them off. He only seems to do that when he's sitting in his highchair or if you adjust them. I think then he remembers they are there. I wouldn't have never guessed he needed glasses he didn't act like he couldn't see. Although, we know now that his head tilt (that you can see above in the pictures) went away as soon as he got his glasses. They think he was tilting his head to help him see. I'm so glad we did months and months of physical therapy to try and get rid of that tilt and all he needed was glasses!