Sunday, January 29, 2012

37 Weeks, say what?

36 Weeks

37 Weeks

Ok, I know I have probably said this in every single blog post, but this time I REALLY REALLY mean it! I can't believe that I have made it to 37 weeks. I honestly never thought I would make it "full term"... I don't think anyone else thought I would either. The doctors allowed me to stop all my medications (my progesterone shot and contraction medication) at 36 weeks. They also allowed me to FINALLY get off of bedrest! That was like the most exciting day! I haven't been able to go places or do much for the past 17 weeks. SEVENTEEN! Do you know how long that is? Its a freakin long time! So even thought I am allowed to do more these days, I am trying not to over do it. These last couple weeks, I have definitely WAY PREGNANT! My hands, feet and face swell if I do too much. I'm so tired all the time that I basically just nap all day. I'm so hungry but my stomach is so squished that I physically can't eat that much. :-( I have to roll to get out of bed which at night, is like every 5 minutes to pee I swear! LOL! My stomach is getting huge! People finally think I look pregnant! Yay! It only took 37 weeks, I swear!

Mason is still breech. Last Monday, they tried to turn him manually. They did this procedure called a external cephalic version. The ultrasound you while the doctor pushes on the baby and tries to get him to flip. He tried 3 times, but no luck. I kinda had a feeling that he wasn't going to budge... and so did the doctor but I thought we would give it a shot to try and avoid a c-section. No such luck! And let me tell you, that procedure is the MOST PAINFUL thing I have ever had to do (while awake and not on pain medication) I actually screamed a couple times while he was doing it and cried. For the next 3 days, it felt like someone had beat me repeatedly in the stomach. Every time Mason moved, I cringed. Ugh. Never recommending that to anyone. So anyways, it looks like our little guy will be making his entrance into this world (if I make it that far) MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13TH AT 10:30AM by c-section. I picked that day because it is my best friend (in the whole world) Michelle Kerr's birthday! I joked with her a while ago that If I had a c-section I would make that the date, but I honestly never thought that it would really happen. She is like a sister to me, I am so excited that he will get to share that special day with her!

So the countdown begins....2 more weeks! Thats it! I am getting so excited to meet this little guy! I honestly have no idea what he will look like or how big he will be. Every ultrasound he is a stinker so I can't get a good face shot. His last ultrasound (a couple weeks ago) they estimated him to be 5 lbs 6 oz so it will be interesting to see how big he is at the u/s on Wed. Other than that, everything is going well. I am not too scared about having to have a c-section since I have had so many surgeries in the past... I am just hoping for a speedy recovery so I can finally let everyone return to their own lives and stop helping me out so much! I am just so excited... we are trying to finish up all the last minute baby things over these next 2 weeks. I kinda like that I have a set date..hopefully I can get everything done in time!!!!


Aaron & Drew Rucker said...

Congratulations for making it to full-term! What a relief you guys must feel. Good luck with the next couple weeks and have fun being off bed rest!

Beth said...

Oh my gosh you really got a bump? Where the heck did it come from? By now its long gone! Hope your adjusting ok to sweet Mason. We can't wait to see more pictures.