Monday, June 6, 2011


I can't believe tomorrow my little guy will be 15 months old! Where does time go? Seriously, it feels like just yesterday he was born! Looking at him now you would never know he is the same baby that is in all those hospital pictures. He has gotten so big! He is 26.5 lbs (75%tile) and over 34 in tall (above 95%tile) Which that explains why he looks so skinny to me now! He has thinned out so much! He flip flopped. He use to be heavier and shorter for his age and now he's taller and lighter! Braxton has such a littler personality these days! Its so fun to watch him become a little boy instead of a baby! He is generally happy most of the time and has the most contagious laugh! We do have to tell him "No No" a lot these days because he is getting into anything and everything! (He listens to Jesse... when I tell him no, he laughs...every time! Not a good sign) He learned to climb stairs... we didn't know he could until one day I was upstairs and all of a sudden I looked over and there he was. He had climbed the ENTIRE staircase all by himself! Yeah, we need to get a new gate for the bottom that he can open himself! So here are the top ten facts about Braxton:

1. He loves to play with anything and everything BUT his toys! He loves opening and closing cupboards, doors, the refrigerator and the dishwasher. He likes to push chairs and bar stools around the kitchen. His old favorite were door stoppers...they aren't as fun anymore since Jesse super glued the rubber tip on and now he can get them off. And yes, all of his toys just sit there.

2. He as ALL of his teeth but 2. So if you can't count that's 16 teeth including his molars!!!

3. He loves to eat! That is one thing we never had a problem with. Some of his favorite foods are hot dogs, mac and cheese, rice, yogurt, apples, cookies, ice cream and sonic ice. Yes, I sonic ice. He is definitely my kid!

4. Braxton loves WATER. He loves bath time and now that its summer, he loves POOL time even more! We try to play in our big pool or the kiddie pool once a day and we have planned to go to the beach pool once a week with the cousins! I honestly think I could put him under the water and it wouldn't bother him. I will try soon when I get up the courage. The best thing about Braxton loving the POOL, Mommy gets TAN!!!!

5. Braxton is crawling everywhere...he is super fast! We have been working with him on standing and walking for the past month or two. He can cruise around furniture really well and he pulls up on everything, he just can't walk on his own. I did catch him walking by himself with his push toy the other day so there is hope! I think he could do it, he's just lazy!

6. Braxton has some new tricks. He now waves, blows kisses, claps, hugs and gives kisses. Granted, he doesn't like to do them on command that often but sometimes he will. He likes to wave buh bye after you have already left the room! its so funny!

7. After months and months of horrible sleeping, we can gladly say that he basically sleeps through the night. He now goes to bed at 8 and wakes up around 5:45 or 6:00. Yes, that's a little early but hey, at least he's not waking up every hour like he use to. I just think its crazy that he takes his first nap when most people are waking up, at 9:00!

8. Braxton loves the puppies! He loves to steal their bones away and chew on them. Yes, I said he likes to chew on them...mainly when I'm not looking. Its so funny to see him with the puppies now that he's older. He can totally hold his own with them. When he doesn't want them around he sticks his one hand out and pushes them away. Its too cute! He also now loves to throw things out the doggie door. Usually its his toys, but today I found his binky, my phone and the remote. I gotta keep an eye on this kid at all times.

9.He is in a MAJOR "Mommy phase" right now. He follows me everywhere....even into the bathroom. If I leave the room he screams until I come back. I actually have to sneak out to leave. He seems to always be at my feet, crawling up my legs. I don't know when or why it started but I'm hoping it ends soon! Its cute that he always wants me...but at the same time its kinda getting old! Hopefully he turns into a Daddy's boy when I go to Texas for a week, either that or Jesse is going to have one LONG week.

10. He had his first "Poo explosion" today. Man, I totally would have rather dealt with this when he was a baby but no, it had to be when he's old and fights having his diaper changed. Lets just say, he got poop EVERYWHERE!!! It was all over him, his face (yes,his face, he just had to stick his hand down there when I changed his diaper. What a boy!), his clothes, the floor, and the bath tub. Oh, and ME! And yes, that happened 3 more times! Hopefully its under control now, but then again he's asleep in his crib and I won't know until he wakes up. Ugh.

So that's our little boy in a nutshell! I am so lucky to be the mom to this sweet little boy. I don't know what we would do without him. He is so stinkin cute. I actually get stopped everywhere I go by total strangers to tell me how cute he is! I love it! Each day with him just proves what a miracle he really is !I knew I was a true mom as I was walking around with his poop on me and it didn't phase me! Maybe I am ready for another one? Hmm...should we start trying? Or maybe we already are! ;-)


Madi said...

He is such a cutie. Haha I love that he throws stuff out the doggy door. Hilarious!

Beth said...

We miss you guys so much Mal!!! Reading this post makes me so sad, I just want to see that sweet little boy! I am so glad you are posting again! You still haven't sent me some pictures. I need a cute one of you guys so I can put it up in our house. We have no pictures up! We need pics of you guys! Wish we could see you when you come, but I forgot Michelle lives in Tyler now! Miss ya!

Rachel said...

You are such an adoring Mama, I love it!